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"Dragons Can't Spell" Children's Book
"Dragons Can't Spell" Children's Colouring Book
"My Hair is a Monster on Top of my Head" Children's Book
Paper-Cut Monkey

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Dragons Can't Spell Cover

Read about Jimmy's creative plan to skip his third-grade spelling bee, and witness his victory over anxious feelings!

This is a must read with your kiddos! Dragons Can't Spell is light-hearted, humorous and full of creative hand-cut images. Plus, use this book to teach children about feelings and emotions in a really fun way!

Dragons Can't Spell Colouring Book Cover

Colour while you read “Dragons Can’t Spell”, a children’s book by Sis&Chrys!

Kids of all ages (and adults too!) will love getting to choose their own colours and designs to make this Sis&Chrys children’s book their own.

DCS Coloring Book
My Hair is a Monster on Top of my Head Cover

Her hair is a monster on top of her head, and it's making her miserable. Can some great advice about positive thinking turn her frown upside down? 

With an interactive flip-the-book element, and beautiful paper-cut illustrations, My Hair is a Monster on Top of my Head will have all readers laughing out loud and reminding themselves to flip their thinking from the negative to the positive! 

Hair Monster

Sis&Chrys books feature
hand-cut paper illustrations!

Chrys starts by drawing the images to bring Sis' story to life. Then, they both begin cutting out every aspect of the image from coloured paper. The paper cuttings are then layered and pieced together to create each illustration! (This process can take months!) The images are then photographed and the pictures are what you see on the pages of our books.