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Self-Publishing & Illustration

You've written a great manuscript! Now what?


Self-publishing is a detailed process that can often feel overwhelming for first-timers, but rest assured, we can help! Let us take your story from a draft to a print-ready copy! 


Why Us?

We are a self-published author/illustrator team with over 6 years of experience in the writing industry. We have 3 successful self-published children's books available for purchase and are working on a 4th! Sis has bachelor degrees in English Language Literature and Primary Education, and Chrys is a self-taught artist and graphic designer. With our combined skills we are confident we can bring your ideas to life and produce a book you'll be proud to share with the world.

What we Offer!

  1. Manuscript copy editing

  2. Digitally Drawn Illustrations

  3. Front and Back Cover Design

  4. Proof Editing 

  5. Book Layout Formatting

  6. Kindle Direct Publishing (or IngramSpark) file submission

  7. Coaching, Feedback and Opinions on your Manuscript and Content

Explore our Packages

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