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It Adds Up! 

$1 from every book sold is used to purchase books for a local classroom. Our "Book Boxes" are then hand delivered on a semi-monthly basis. They're filled with up to 7 exciting new, used, and local books! 

We actively seek out talented authors to include self-published titles in all Sis&Chrys book boxes. 


While in the classroom, we take time to get to know the students, read our book, and work through a mini lesson plan.  

Raising Arms
School Days

How it Works

A local grade 1, 2 or 3 classroom is chosen at random each school year. Upon principal approval, it's this lucky classroom that gets our free book boxes and visits from Sis and Chrys. 

Dragons Can't Spell

Each class will receive a free copy of our book "Dragons Can't Spell" which comes with free lesson plans for classroom use. Plus, students get a chance to purchase their own signed copy!

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